Elmo, GPhil99, and J the V's
Road Trip to Minneapolis
June 4-5, 2006

Gas in Janesville, WI. This wonderful cow was across from the gas station.

Elmo and Greg on the front porch of the cabin Jane Porter inherited from her mother in the Wisconsin north woods.

Dino the Dinosaur was found at a Sinclair station just outside of Minnespolis/St. Paul. Dino was in pretty good shape but he was missing the end of his tail--that's why it's not in the picture.

Isn't he just too cute!

Elmo and Greg with Dino.

We asked a gas station patron to take our picture with Dino.

Elmo's Lake Elmo sign. Greg, you were wrong! I DID GET IT!

And now on to the cheese moose!!!

Let's see, if Elmo is 6'1" and Greg is 6'2", then the Cheese Moose must be about 14-15 feet tall! The Cheese Moose lives in Black River Falls on the grounds of the Arrowhead Lodge, where J the V takes her annual sabatical in November to hot tub and hunt Bara.

Elmo and Greg and J the V and Elmo pose under the cheese moose. J the V's late husband, Waveforme, christened this statue the Cheese Moose back in the 1980s when he first stayed at the Arrowhead for Bara season because it's the color of a really good cheddar cheese.

The grounds around the Arrowhead Lodge are also home to a bigger-than-life Bara who wears a blaze orange tarp during hunting season.

The giant mouse with his cheese with a small human escaping.

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