Manitoba Meanders
June 30, 2006 through July 5, 2006
Part 1

J the V arrives at the Winnipeg airport and is met by Bill Hillman, Web Jed extraordinaire and Jeddak of the North and his friend the Winni, the flying polar bear.
 Winni poses with Bill's better half Sue-On (Dejah) and J the V.
I knew I really was in Canada when I saw the Hudson's Bay Company store in downtown Winnipeg.

Bill, Joan, and Den Valdron pose outside a Chinese grocery store in Winnipeg's Chinatown. Dennis is another ERB fan who lives in Manitoba. We met him for dim-sum at Kum Koon restaurant.
We stopped at the Sargent Sundae store for an ice cream treat after lunch.
Who would you expect a Canadian to get ice cream from?
Why, an RCMP, of course!
Joan and Bill find treasures in a Winnipeg used book store.
Bill holds a copy of Mike Resnick's The Branch which was dedicated to Joan.
Joan asked the bookseller if she could get a discount if her name was in one of the books she was going to purchase. The woman agreed, so Joan whipped out her passport and opened the Resnick book to the dedication page. Joan then gave the book to Bill for his library.

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